Project Paraguay Foundation

Celebration of Children's Day (Dia de los niños)

In August, the students celebrated El Día de Los Niños (Childrens' Day). The day pays tribute to the child martyrs of Acosta Ñu. On August 16, 1869, the heroic battle of Acosta Ñu took place, where in the absence of soldiers, children were disguised with false beards so that the enemy would take them for adults and fight them. The Battle of Acosta Ñu has no comparison in world history as there is no history of other armies made up entirely of children. At the battle of Acosta Ñu, approximately 3,000 Paraguayan children faced 20,000 soldiers of the Brazilian army, which is commemorated as an act of heroism.


Thanks to your donations, the children pictured here were each given Bibles of their own as well as other little treats to honor the day.