Project Paraguay Foundation

Message to Barrio Parque Supporters--May 2021

Greetings to you and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!


Considering the current situation of the pandemic in our the country, and taking into account the recommendations of the Government, and due to the situation in our District (the city of Luque is reportedly in the Red Zone), and the number of positive cases that we have in the neighborhood, the classes during the month of April have been held virtually. My family has been affected by this

virus, but thanks to the mercy of our great God we are recovering very well.


The situation in our country is very difficult at this time, so we ask for your prayers for the lives, health and protection of the children, so that we may continue with their education, and starting in May, face-to-face classes will begin again. We have 10 students who go to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 9 students who take virtual classes.


Students who take face-to-face classes are:

● Preschool: Erik Josías Chamorro, Giovanni Valdés, Richard Dávalos.

● Kindergarten: Mia Arellano, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Miguel Benjamín Roa, Nahiara Anahí González, Carlos Rubén Ortíz.

● Pre-Kinder: Fiorella Jazmín, Génesis.

Students who take virtual classes are:

● Preschool: Mateo Josué Villalba, Maximiliano Cañete Burgos.

● Kindergarten: Matías Franco, Micaías Franco, Gemma Maité Martínez, Josué Franco, Mario Martín Arguello.

● Pre-Kinder: Santiago D. Domínguez, Sara Abigail Fleitas.


The Ministry of Education leaves it up to the parents to decide whether or not their children will attend face-to-face classes; hence we have students who take classes from home. I attach photos of some children studying at home and of others who attend the school.


We hope that you all and your families are doing well. We are very grateful for always receiving your unconditional support. Thank you for your prayers, and many blessings to you and your families.



Clemencia F. Franco (Pinchi)