Project Paraguay Foundation


Comunidad del Parque School

End Of Year 2020 Report

To the sponsors of Comunidad del Parque School.

First of all, we are grateful to God for all and everything we have received during this time. We have faced troubled moments regarding education activities, but by the grace of God we have endured it very successfully.

In this year 2020, we had only two weeks of face-to-face classes, and then, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the rest of the year the classes were virtual, that is, through mobile phones and applications such as Whatsapp, for example. We have successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the Ministry of Education, and we are very happy about that.

So too, the pandemic has helped us demonstrate God's love and Christian Education in different practical ways. Thus, during this year 2020 we have visited the students once a week to review and control the homeworks, that they have performed very well with great responsibility. Also, and thanks to the Project Paraguay, during the school period we had the joy and commitment to provide the families of our school with non-perishable food, such as rice, noodles, sugar, oil, etc., once a month. This was a huge blessing indeed, since a large part of the parents could not work normally due to the pandemic.

The virtual classes were carried out as recommended by the authorities of the Ministry of Education, and they have been a great experience of much learning and new challenges for both the teachers, and the students and their families.

We have a great challenge for the year 2021 in terms of childhood education here in Paraguay. Our Comunidad del Parque School continues to operate non-stop throughout the year, and as for 2021 classes we will continue to work towards the best for our children and community. As for the teaching methodology, at the national level it is very likely that the same tools will continue to be used, at least during the first semester, that is, the classes would continue to be virtual during the first semester.

On behalf of our Comunidad del Parque School, its director and the pastoral family, we want to extend our most sincere thanks to each donor of Project Paraguay. We also want to thank you for your prayers and spiritual support for the operation of our school during this difficult year. We feel very loved by you, dear brothers and sisters in faith; may our God reward you for your effort and unconditional interest towards us. We too continue to pray for you, as our Lord commands us in his Word.

We say goodbye, wishing you the richest blessing from our heavenly Father.


Clemencia "Pinchi" Franco