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Project Paraguay Medical Fund

Project Paraguay has always supported local medical relief efforts by bringing over-the-counter medications and supplies to Paraguayans in need during our short term mission trips. Recently, PP started a medical fund to begin planning for an ambulatory clinic that will provide healthcare for local Paraguayans who have difficulty reaching or affording care because of transportation.

Currently, Project Paraguay plans to partner with physician Jen Finelli to establish an indigent clinic following a five year preparation plan. She graduated from the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico specifically because of her interest to provide medical care in Spanish. Jen Finelli has made mission trips to Paraguay and gathered data on hypertension in the Luque area to better understand how missions can have improved long-term health effects on local populations. She is currently both partnering with the medical fund and saving her own funds to create this future work. An Army physician with an internship in family medicine, she is currently working on her wilderness medicine fellowship to better prepare her for austere care.  

Jen has a four year fundraising plan and she intends to establish her clinic following her commitment to the U.S. Army.  Donations to the Project Paraguay medical fund can be made by clicking the link below. MAKE SURE YOU DESIGNATE “MEDICAL FUND” IN THE COMMENTS BOX OF YOUR PAYPAL DONATION.

For more information regarding Jen Finelli, her vision, and for updates on the medical fund as the clinic materializes, please visit her page linked here.

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