Project Paraguay Foundation


Load your suitcase with over-the-counter medicines, clothes, and education supplies--and fly to the heart of South America.

Project Paraguay short-term missions are a cooperative affair between the Project Paraguay Foundation and the Paraguayan Church leadership in Luque.  Short-term volunteers may do anything from church construction, to Bible teaching and evangelistic outreach, to dramas and plays.  Volunteers bring much-needed medical supplies, anti-mosquito sprays, and clothes for the impoverished.

God typically uses these short term missions to encourage and support the Paraguayan brothers and sisters, so it's important that if you want to help short-term, you're open-minded culturally and willing to listen to Paraguayan direction.  Please bring your creativity and expertise: if you're a medical professional, a computer scientist, an English teacher, or simply good with your hands--whatever your talent or idea--God can use you, so share your project ideas with us. Spanish skills are helpful but not required, and long-term internships are available, which are an excellent way to serve but also to learn Spanish.

Contact Gordon Caylor, PP Projects Director, at if you're interested!  Please also view the information available on this site to know more about our past activities.