Project Paraguay Foundation


* Open hearts, for the people the Paraguayan church reaches out to through the Word, and that groups and individuals worldwide will feel love for Paraguay.

* Wisdom, for the session in Paraguay and for the committee members in the US, in every decision they make.

* Strength for the believers in Paraguay, especially for the young people who grow up surrounded by the Government corruption and violent drug trafficking.

* The Power of the Holy Spirit filling the Paraguayan church.

* Prosperity for la Escuela Presbyteriana, the school, that it may always have the resources to provide the children in its area with the inspiration they need to change their circumstances and the knowledge they need to accomplish their dreams.

* Personal spiritual growth and growth in numbers.

* Liberation for Paraguayan young girls, who sometimes leave the church pursuing physically abusive and emotionally restrictive relationships because of local pressure and fear that they'll never make it without a man. Pray that they will feel sufficiency, strength, and love in Christ, and that God will break the chains of abuse both in families, and in the unmarried relationships that are robbing Him of his daughters. Pray that young Christian women become leaders in their communities and change their World.

* Wisdom and godly discernment for all the leaders of Paraguayan society, and that Government leaders may take seriously the biblical admonitions that they reward the good, punish evildoers, pursue justice, protect the weak, and in all respects act as ministers of God for the good of the people.  Romans 13:4.